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As you enjoy listening to the music of Yvonne J we think you will agree with her expression and belief that “Music is food for the heart and soul”.  The great thing about this belief is it comes free of calories but full of emotion.

Welcome to the world of Yvonne J who we think sounds similar to the legends Anita baker, Gladys Knight or Phyllis Hyman. While Yvonne may sound similar to these legends that is where all similarity ends. Yvonne J has her own style, expression and creative process which is reflected as a sultry smooth sound in her compositions. Yvonne J’s music is second to none and in our opinion that makes Yvonne J special and we at KJAZZ Radio UK think you will enjoy listening to Yvonne J’s skills crafted and honed over four decades.  Her musical journey continues and that is fantastic for you the listeners as you will hear a selection of Yvonne J’s latest songs including the highly acclaimed ‘Moonlight’ featuring Rod Williams on sax and other great songs including ‘Dream’s and ‘Hold me in your arms’, both featuring David Clay.

Yvonne J started performing professionally as a teenager at the age of 16 in Dundee, Scotland. While Dundee is known for the comic magazines Dandy, the Beano, and Desperate Dan, it also has a tradition of producing great musicians.  The 1970s soul-funk outfit Average White Band and the Associates are from Dundee so Yvonne J is in great company and in our humble opinion is worthy of the same recognition shown to these bands.  At the young age of 20 Yvonne J had earned her full membership with Equity as an emerging singer/songwriter and live entertainer.   A group from Leeds (via The West Indies) heard Yvonne sing and that was the start of a lifelong career.  Yvonne’s smooth and sultry styling coupled with unique phrasing has been heard all over the UK, across Europe & more recently in the USA where she currently resides.

Currently Yvonne does studio, session and some gigs. She is learning her way around the Yamaha Motif ES.  Yvonne J loves to write songs  she plays guitar and piano only by ear, but states she is able to  “make my way around them”. Her biggest regret is being around musicians all her life and never mastering any instruments.  Yvonne J loves to coach children in Voice and Vocal Dynamics. It took a lot of years performing to hone my craft and the art of commanding an audience. Yvonne J  has supported Billy Ocean, Eddie Kendricks, Bill Fredericks, Rose Royce, Heatwave and numerous British Stars.  Yvonne J was featured performer in a pilot show for STV which spun into a 7 show series aired on all major British/Irish networks.  Yvonne J has made guest appearances on many other TV shows. She is the proud mum of Lee and Anthony.  Yvonne J says ” I have been married forever to Tony J who has supported my career 100%”. For 7 years Yvonne J was the Entertainment Specialist/Coordinator for the USO/DOD entire Mediterranean Region while living in Spain, providing entertainment and producing tours to the US troops and families stationed overseas.

Yvonne J  sings mainly soul, R&B, jazz & gospel and is very interested in nujazz and smooth jazz. Yvonne J also loves reggae!  Yvonne is always looking to collaborate with different musicians.

KJAZZ Radio UK is proud to welcome Yvonne J to its musical family and as you listen to Yvonne J remember “Music is food for the heart and soul”.

Comments and what others are saying about Yvonne J

Hi Yvonne, great stuff! Moonlight shared to facebook! Love it!! Ciao! ;¬))  – Martin Seaman

Stopped by to check the vibes!!!! Stayed to love the music!!!! Great Songs!!!! Great Vocals!!!! Great Sound!!!! Excellently Done!!!! PEACE & LOVE!!!!  – Lenny Fleming

Awesome Tracks!!!! Awesome Sound!!!! Awesome Vocals!!!! “Sunrise To Sunset” Is An Awesome Composition!!!! Did I say Awesome?!?! :-) – Jubal Vaughn

I’m Ready sounds so amazing, you are the Jazz Queen!!! Sweet and sexy!!!!!! :) -Cathie Fredrickson



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