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KJAZZ Radio UK welcomes the multi-genre musical vocabulary of NJ Ladyfingers. Pianist NJ Ladyfinger’s Smokin’ piano, killer vocals, head nodding rhythms on her latest CD “This Is What It Is” has produced a wonderful trip into the smooth, jazzy, multi-faceted world of its creator.

‘LadyFingers’ as a stage name originated from the imagination of Normita Rodriguez Jeffery, bandleader of the group. She is a classically trained pianist who decided to express herself by playing contemporary jazz, fusion, and a little R&B. As a soloist, Normita provided musical entertainment for social occasions on a regular basis .  She later  was introduced to Sonjah Wise, who became the vocalist for  LadyFingers .

Recently, Normita re-branded as “NJ LadyFingers.

NJ LadyFingers’ sound is unique, between smooth jazz and fusion. Not your run of the mill club dance band. The music is inventive, unpredictable, but with a groove that gnaws on your insides, and comes forth with a “‘Yesssss!! How did they do that with THAT (cover) song???”

NJ LadyFingers’ influence is from it’s leader/keyboardist, Normita, who loves to arrange and re-arrange, and from the great UK sound of Incognito, Donald Fagen, and harmonies that are different, but nice!!!

Normita also has a thriving piano instruction business that she manages from her home studio in Tampa, FL. She also performs as a solo artist at many venues where classical piano programs are requested. The NJ LadyFingers live band is a quartet consisting of NJ on keys, Sonja on vocals, Basil on guitar, and James on drums…….Nj plays left hand bass also!!!

NJ is hopeful of touring to the UK next year!!

The current CD “This Is What It Is” is receiving great  reviews and response nationally and internationally, and sales of the first CD, “Eargasm” remain steady. “This Is What it Is” reached the #2 spot on the UK Soul Chart.

Comments and what others are saying about NJ Ladyfingers

Wonderfully Different!! ”

LadyFingers…the name says it all. Talent and class all rolled into one…..let LadyFingers entertain you with their smooth style of Jazz and R&B!” – Kim Giles, President, Beyond One Entertainment, Ft. Myers, Fl.


What a show! A wonderful mix of jazz styles! There”s no where to go but up for you guys!! -Dennis Astwood Tampa, Fl

With the relase of the first Cd, EARGASM, jazz artist Normita Jeffery could bring a new catchword to the music scene. EARGASM is a mixture of the different musical ideas and styles that Jeffery has experimented with since she revived her musical passion. She describes an ‘eargasm’ as a feeling of extreme musical excitement experienced when a particular chord, lyric, or passage in a composition is heard. “This feeling starts at the ear and ends in the pleasure center of the brain.” This writer agrees, this CD has the right name! – Tim Grant – St. Petersburg Times-Tampa Edition

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