KJAZZ Radio UK is pleased to introduce accomplished composer, producer, instrumental guitarist LarryRCampbell. When listening to Larry R’s music for the first time, it’s evident the versatility of musical styles presented from a gifted artist! From Smooth Jazz to Experimental Jazz Rock, each composition compels you on a musical journey through sound demonstrating dynamics & special effects and a varied level of intensity. Contrasting from a mystical acoustic guitar composition to soaring guitar solos, twin leads, tied together with the common bond melody!

KJAZZ Radio UK has noticed influences from Larry Carlton, George Benson, The Rippingtons, Eric Johnson, Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Lukather, Phil Keaggy, & Steve Morse in Larry R’s music his compositions are rhythmic and yet relaxing, a great way to chill.

Larry R Campbell, from Little Rock AR has a musical background filled with live performances, studio sessions & working as a guitar instructor he has taught a host of students from the early 80’s to-date & has now taken on the future challenge of releasing a CD entitled “TIME”…projected for Spring 2013!

Though an indie musician, LarryR’s music has been featured on many of the top radio stations around the world & have often topped the charts!
LarryRCampbell started his music career at age 4 & began playing professionally at age 15 & by age 30, had played in numerous working bands, traveling Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Kansas, & New Mexico, playing everything from top 40, pop, disco, R&B, Funk, Jazz, hard rock & original tunes & “acoustic guitar” as a solo artist in country clubs & private parties.

Comments and what others are saying about LarryR Campbell

“Larry is an awesome composer and player! His music is timeless!”
– Robert Seikowitch

“WOW..!What a stunning introduction to your music listening to NEW BEGINNING is.I echo Nicky Quick,s words..Where HAVE you been?? What a great fusion of acoustic and electric guitar..and as melodic music is my thing,I can SO appreciate the intelligence behind this beautiful soul reaching song.Impressed??..yes I am..TOTALLY-Paul ”

“A nice blend of guitars and progressions with subtlte key changes played in such a way to not come off as speed bumps interrupting the flow of your smooth upward and downward swing of moods.(wow I did that with no commas) Realizing at the end that I wanted it to start all over again..This could be perpetual and one could get lost in it’s ambience..Cool man…. ” – Paul Grimwood

“you just plain kick ass!!!! “- Rex Havoc

“Larry heard this beautiful tune on IMW radio. Had to come by to listen a couple more times. It’s a great feel good tune that lifts my spirit-!! Very enjoyable chord progression and melody too-!!!! 5 starts ******” – Jim Easton

“A great guitarists song..I hear so much that could be done lead wise with this. What you have done is beautiful..A latin flavor with a young melodic Satriani feel to it..The song moves along very smooth..your sound and presentation are excellent..!”
– del Vals Advocate

“You are a musicians musician Larry..for sure.This is my kind of song..Wonderfully melodic acoustic guitar/soaring sweet electric. clear as crystal sound..and speaking of crystal I sense you know that Time and quartz go… a masterpiece of a song.Larry TIME. you got signed to a major label..your pure class man”-Paul

“You kill the guitar. You are truly great.” – UnDisclosed

LarryR Campbell Sampler

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