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KJAZZ Radio UK welcomes  jazz/blues guitarist/composer Denny Jiosa a musician whose musical creative spectrum incorporates everything from Smooth Jazz to Rock. Denny Jiosa has built a reputation for being one of America’s top jazz-rock guitar exponents and this is backed up by four Grammy nominations to prove it.

The musical press have compared him to Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Fourplay, Spyro Gyra which illustrates the musical diversity of this leading musician.  Having listened to a lot of Denny Jiosa’s music at KJAZZ Radio UK we also hear a similarity in style to that of Eric Johnson.

Energetic, innovative, fresh, pleasurable, dazzling, vibrant, improvisational, lyrical, masterful…these are just a small sampling of the terms that have been used to describe guitarist Denny Jiosa’s music by some of the America’s most formidable music critics. With five exceptional CDs already under his belt, Denny Jiosa stands out in today’s field of instrumental musicians as one who refuses to compromise and always surprises.

In performance Denny Jiosa mixes contemporary and traditional jazz but includes improvisation in his delivery similar to the style of Wes Montgomery.  KJAZZ Radio UK feels Denny Jiosa’s music creates a sonic harmony of foot tapping grooves, with a touch of the darker edge which will keep you coming back to listen and explore, the music from one of the new masters of  the jazz-rock genre.

Denny Jiosa’s CD  jazz release “Dreams Like This” contains the hit single ”ChillPill”, which quickly climbed to # 4 on the smooth jazz radio charts!  also contains a cover version of “Sunny”, which has a special guest appearance from Mr. Bobby Hebb, the original artist and writer of the this incredible song!

Denny Jiosa’s new project, “JIOSA On The Edge” has just been released on Sonic Canvas Records and is receiving stellar reviews! This is a new direction for Denny Jiosa similar to “Satriani meets Beck”.









Denny Jiosa has always believed that if you follow your heart, your dreams will come true and with his CD “Dreams Like This”, he proves that his musical dreams and aspirations have no limits.

Comments and what others are saying about Denny Jiosa

“Dreams Like This” – Melody meets passion and virtuosity. . .what a concept!
I purchased this whole CD about a week ago. I can’t get it out of my player! For those of you who may not be aware, Denny Jiosa is arguably one of the top contemporary jazz guitarists in the world. It is mind numbing to experience the depth of the artistry displayed on this project. Straight-ahead Jazz, Latin (think Santana’s heat), Smooth Jazz (not the lame stuff on most smooth jazz stations) and cinematic landscapes all unfold effortlessly giving us a glimpse into Denny’s prodigious musical vocabulary. However, another thing I like is that he says more in 5 well-placed heartfelt notes than using 57 just because he could. Denny has an uncanny way of expressing deep emotions through the twists, turns and nuances of his seductive melodies. That’s one of the main things I like about the CD is that I actually ‘feel’ something when I’m listening to it!

“Chill Pill” opens the CD with a funky contemporary groove with some surprises. How did he ever get Bobby Hebb (the original artist for “Sunny”) to appear on the ultra-cool remake of that track with him? “I am Roxanne” is all about the sensual side of life (check out the smokin’ video of this song as the CD is enhanced). “East of Montgomery” is Denny’s homage to ‘Wes’ and is just plain fun with some scorching licks thrown in. “Wounded Warrior” tears me up every time I hear it. The melody is gorgeous and I can’t stop thinking about all the young men and women who have sacrificed so much for us. Sonically the CD’s high production values make it audiofile all the way. I own all of Denny’s discs and it has been fun to watch the growth from CD to CD. Each is amazing in its own way. Each has its own direction. With each new disc it is refreshing to see an artist stretch his chops to express his heart to us in new ways. So. . .do I like this CD? No – I LOVE it! Buy the full CD for its extras with a video interview and live footage. Buy this CD now! You won’t be sorry! – zenman

“Dreams Like This” – Denny Jiosa is a player of immense chops and fire, and while jazz dominates this album, Jiosa is also at home with R&B and pop,and cuts like “Forward Motion” give him a chance to show off his inventive soloing and strong use of melody.
Almost every cut here sticks. Jiosa is a master of the light funk that dominates smooth jazz, but on “I Am Roxane,” his fiery playing overrides any mixed emotions about the genre. His soloing mixes single lines with octaves, and there’s even fuzzed-out rock. Effortlessly, both from a compositional and playing standpoint, he then glides right back into octaves to wrap it up. He shows off a lovely ballad touch on several tunes, including “Wounded Warriors,” with it’s great melody and fine playing. Same goes for his chordal work on the lovely “The Glass Half Full.” The CD has a bonus cut that pays homage to Wes Montgomery, from whom Jiosa takes a lot of cues; “East of Montgomery” is an old-school jazz piece and the connection is obvious. Like the latter-day Wes, he plays with fire, grace, and blazing technique. – John Heidt – VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE

Take a CHILLPILL or two
Smooth Jazz isnt really my thing but I’ve heard Denny Jiosa live so I know his music can’t be limited to one genre. This cd has it all, emotion and technique. What you would expect from Denny. Check out Denny’s vocals on JUST THE THOUGHT OF YOU or original recording artist BOBBY HEBB doing scat on Denny’s version of SUNNY. I AM ROXANNE is scary how much emotion is in this song. DENNY JIOSA has made another inspired collection. Jeff

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