KJAZZ Radio UK is proud to present R&B singer songwriter Jayvic to  its ‘Family of Musicians’.  London based R&B singer Victor Johnson, aka Jayvic is set to take the UK music scene by storm with his debut album UNBREAKABLE. Originally born in Bristol to Nigerian parents, Jayvic’s passion for music was apparent from a young age, his musical influences came from listening to r’n’b, hip-hop, soul and jazz from musical greats such as Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac, Boys II Men. Jayvic started out with a group called JPS. He started his solo career at the aged of 25. Jayvic first started singing in his church choir, entertaining at parties and any public events he could perform at to boost his career. During his early days, he would sing, dance, and write poetry etc. Aged 16, Jayvic became the lead vocalist in The Church Christ Embassy. At the tender of age of 11, it was clear that Jayvic excelled in writing and was highly talented. His father noticed this talent and encouraged his son to develop his creative writing skills. This resulted in Jayvic receiving high accolades, one being a certificate of accomplishment for honours in poetic knowledge and creativity, which was published by the international library of poetry. In 2007 Jayvic’s literary works were selected for publication in the compendium of poetry for the best poem and poets in the USA. Jayvic’s passion and drive to be a musician has remained intact throughout his life, managing to combine this with his education, alongside his undergraduate degree in Music and Television Studies. To date Jayvic has performed at private and top public gigs with popular and renowned UK artists, The Sugababes and top UK rapper Bashy. Jayvic was successful on gaining a place in the live final of UK talent show, ‘Unsigned Live’ in 2008. His forthcoming album “unbreakable” benefits from writing sessions  based on experiences that took place in cities and life situations that impacted the musicians life. This album expresses Jayvic’s passion for romance and tells of his experiences. The album is packed with music for everyone, no matter what type of music you usually listen to there is at least one song that will appeal to you. The first single, “Love Allergy” is a taster for what is to come from the album. “Love Allergy” a soulful piece, influenced by the likes of Marvin Gaye. The song is a blend of classic R&B and soul mixed with pop and dance which gives it an edge and is why we picked it up here at KJAZZ Radio UK as we feel it should be a hit. “Love Allergy”  sets the tone for the album and shows the singing ability of Jayvic. The album is consists of a mixture of different melodies and beats. His forthcoming first album, “unbreakable” has great vocals, great lyrics derived from inner city life experiences, great melodies so you can vibe to it, the production is second to none. This album will surely leave its listeners with something to talk about and give them great enjoyment.

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