Ian Raven

Ian Raven’s (aka Jan Walraven) music has featured on KJAZZ UK since its first year of broadcasting in 2011. Ian is a good friend of KJAZZ Radio UK and a friend of the founder. Ian’s music is featured all over the world in TV, movies and more.

Ian was born in the heart of Africa, raised in Germany and Belgium in the surroundings of a fully music oriented family: Ian’s grandfather was a director and music teacher, his mother a classical concert pianist and piano teacher and both of his brothers are in the music business, too, one as a violinist in a well-known symphonic orchestra in Germany, the other as a jazz guitar player and sound engineer at one of the major German public radios.

Ian learned the piano from the age of 6 and wrote his first pieces of music as a teenager. He produced his first albums in his early twenties and released more than a dozen CD’s with his music since. Ian had the chance to write for very famous French singers like Viktor Lazlo (who incidentally has recently joined KJAZZ UK), Maurane and Muriel Dacq.

Canoƫ Rose, was a smash hit which he wrote in the late eighties. Canoƫ Rose sold more than a million copies worldwide.

With three golden records and countless instrumentals for radio and television Ian Raven is a well known music composer and producer in France and beyond. Ian decided to relocate to the United States in 2003 and settled in Miami in August of 2004. A change of scenery was necessary. He spends his time recording in the US and also at the world famous ICP Studios in Brussels and working in Paris.

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