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Featured Artist: Ian Raven aka Jan Walravens

Featured CD: “TLC” by Mark Mosley

Cafe Jazz: See what’s on the musical menu @ Cafe Jazz

Video’s & The DJ’s video groove of the week: David King “Grace And Nature”| Mark Mosley– “Mark’s Mood” | Gregg Karukas & Shelby Flint – “I keep it to myself.”| Paul Rumsey’s groove of the week: Leo Rojas – “Celeste”.

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2015 kjazz uk top 10 news

Top 10 Ian Raven apr 12th















KJAZZ Radio UK Top 10 – Spring has sprung the flowers are blooming here in the UK and the feeling of Spring is reflected in this weeks chart show. This weekend KJAZZ UK brings you a fresh ambient yet smooth “Fourplay Mix” there is a new number 1 on the Top 10  and a whole lot more on this weeks show.

Sam Hankins has secured the number 1 spot with his song “Where Am I”, The James Colah Project has moved up the chart to the number 2 spot and there is a new entry from The Robert Lee Revue  as “Estrella” (their latest single) hits the chart this week. There is also an exclusive bonus mix to tempt you but for those viewing this post on social media you will need to tune in to find out who it is.  Clue: Led Zeppelins Jimmy Page is included in her fan base.

On this weeks “Fourplay mix” we listen to some of the great instrumentals on KJAZZ UK featuring: Jeff Oster, David King, Hattler and Sal Di Maggio but it all kicks off with the latest great single from our featured musician on this weeks e-zine Ian Raven and a track form his Pepper Groove Creations CD.

This week your host Paul Rumsey brings you news about Z Star and Jeff Oster.

Make it a great week and here is your chart.

Format: Artist – Song Title – CD Title

1. Sam Hankins – Where Am I – Nothing Between Us
2. The James Colah Project – Trippin On Your Smile – Single
3. Jeff Gaeth – Forgotten Reef – Portrait
4. Mark Mosley – The Real Deal – TLC
5. Jamie Bonk – Stay Awhile – Necessity
Bonus Mix : Z-STAR – Special Bonus Mix
6. Hattler – Delhi News – Basscuts 2008
7. Roger Smith – Workin’ It – Just Enough
8. Bickley Rivera – Lovin You – Chillin’ After Five
9. Denny Jiosa – East Of Montgomery – Dreams Like This
10. Robert Lee Revue – Estrella – Single
Fourplay: Sal Di Maggio – Autonoise – Cinema
Fourplay: Hattler – The Terrace – Gotham City Beach Club Suite
Fourplay: David King – Always Alchemy – Flying Colours
Fourplay: Jeff Oster – Sounds Like Sunshine – True
Intro Groove: Ian Raven – Coconut Grove – Pepper Groove Creations

2015 kjazz musician spotlight

This week its all about Ian Raven

Ian Raven’s (aka Jan Walraven) music has featured on KJAZZ UK since its first year of broadcasting in 2011. Ian is a good friend of KJAZZ Radio UK and a friend of the founder. Ian’s music is featured all over the world in TV, movies and more.

Ian was born in the heart of Africa, raised in Germany and Belgium in the surroundings of a fully music oriented family: Ian’s grandfather was a director and music teacher, his mother a classical concert pianist and piano teacher and both of his brothers are in the music business, too, one as a violinist in a well-known symphonic orchestra in Germany, the other as a jazz guitar player and sound engineer at one of the major German public radios.

Ian learned the piano from the age of 6 and wrote his first pieces of music as a teenager. He produced his first albums in his early twenties and released more than a dozen CD’s with his music since.  Ian had the chance to write for very famous French singers like Viktor Lazlo (who incidentally has recently joined KJAZZ UK), Maurane and Muriel Dacq.

Canoë Rose, was a smash hit which he wrote in the late eighties.  Canoë Rose sold more than a million copies worldwide.

With three golden records and countless instrumentals for radio and television Ian Raven is a well known music composer and producer in France and beyond. Ian decided to relocate to the United States in 2003 and settled in Miami in August of 2004. A change of scenery was necessary. He spends his time recording in the US and also at the world famous ICP Studios in Brussels and working in Paris.

Ian Raven Music Sampler


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2015 kjazz radio cd of the week

Mark Mosley  – CD: TLC

markmosley2“TLC” KJAZZ UK loves the tracks from this CD. It is simply Smooth Jazz at its best and were proud to feature “TLC”this week. While the whole CD is a must have for your collection above this there are some great tracks that just stand out, “The Real Deal”, “Good Vibes” and a “A Night In Baltimore” are just some of our favorites.

The upbeat “House Party” does exactly what it says its upbeat sound with Hip Hop influences demonstrates this CD has something for everyone.  So if you want to relax or get your feet moving, “TLC” by Mark Mosley will do the job.

cd space flat

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2015  kjazz uk cafe jazz

Rocco & Rahj Musician Spotlight KJAZZ Radio UK 
This week @ the Cafe ~ … we have David Arkenstone taking center stage – Chillout Lounge is his latest release and that’s the album on our showcase marquee. Hour 2, sees another exciting edition of Fresh Trax. Featured on this show are Eric Leone and Lynn Riley. Also appearing is saxman Jaared; keyboardist Michael Scherer debuts; while Alan Hewitt covers an Isaac Hayes classic from the 70s. Then after the Fresh Trax, we’re balancing the new with the tried and true – and what a set we have for you this time. It begins with Les Sabler and continues with Roberto Perera and Danny Jung, plus there’s a tune from 3rd Force – while sprinkled through out are the likes of Allon Sams, Walle Larsson, and Steve Baxter!

2015 kjazz uk musicians weekly bous video

David King “Grace And Nature” from the CD “Flying Colours”.  Talented Scottish composer and guitarist David King’s music can be described as soulful melodies to edgier ambient textures, King’s music will absorb you and take you on a musical journey which will keep you interested throughout were proud to feature music from this great talent here on KJAZZ UK~ Source YouTube, KJAZZ UK (Paul Rumsey).

Mark Mosley – “Mark’s Mood”. His CD TLC is featured this week and so here is a video of Mark playing live demonstrating why we have selected his CD “TLC” to feature this week. ~ Source YouTube, KJAZZ UK (Paul Rumsey).

Gregg Karukas & Shelby Flint – “I keep it to myself.” It would be nice  when people posted a video they got the spelling correct.  That said this song is mellow and I first heard it on the CD “Wave Aid 06” which came out years ago.  I like the words which ring true as I have left LA for the UK. It is hard to believe that 11 years have gone by since I was living in LA~ Source YouTube, KJAZZ UK (Paul Rumsey).
Paul Rumsey's KJAZZ UK video of the week

Leo Rojas – “Celeste”. I  stumbled on  this little gem while looking up something else on YouTube Leo Rojas was born in Ecuador in 1984 and is best known for winning the 2011 season of the German talent show Das Supertalent.  Rojas lives in Berlin with his Polish wife; he started his career as a street musician until he found fame on the talent show. He became a contestant in the show’s fifth season winning the show with a cover of “Einsamer Hirte,” a hit song written by James Last and performed by Gheorghe Zamfir in 1977.  Maybe we should get him on KJAZZ UK to introduce his music to a wider audience? ~ Source YouTube, KJAZZ UK (Paul Rumsey).



Classical & Ambient Mix 1 - KJAZZ UKPaul Rumsey on occasion for fun creates additional shows for Playfm listeners, these are from all genres and beamed around the planet from Playfm. Recently he was in a Classical Ambient Mood and created the following mix.

In creating this mix I chose some of my personal favorite ambient and classical pieces and mixed them together to form about 1.5 hours of relaxing grooves. I hope you enjoy.


1. Yo-Yo Ma – Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 – Inspired By Bach The Cello Suites
2. Howard Shore – Into The West (Lord Of The Rings) – Classical Chillout Platinum
3. Beethoven – Beethoven Piano Sonata #8 – Beethoven For Relaxation
4. Vivaldi – Guitar Concerto In D – Classical Chillout Platinum
5. James Last – Elizabethan Serenade – Tenderly
6. Edvard Grieg – Praeludium (from the Holberg Suite)- The Classic FM Most Wanted
7. John Barry – John Dunbar Theme (Dances With Wolves) – The Number One Classical Album 2004
8. Leonard Bernstein – Beethoven – Symphonies Nos. 6 ‘Pastoral’ – Symphonies Nos. 6 ‘Pastoral’ etc.
9. Not Credited – World in Union – Pan Pipe Moods- 18 Popular Themes and Love Songs
10. Geoffrey Burgon – Brideshead Revisited – Reflections
11. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Variations 5 and 6 – Variations
12. Gustav Holst – Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity – The Planets
13. Henryk Gorecki – Op 36 (‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’) Movement 2 – Symphony, No 3
14. Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent) – 28 Days Later Soundtrack
15. William Orbit – Barber’s adagio for strings (Excerpt) – Ministry of sound – the chillout session
16. Yanni – Reflections of Passion – Devotion
17. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards – Braveheart – Spirit Of The Glen
18. Jan Garbarek – O Salutaris Hostia – Officium
19. Suzanne Ciani – The Velocity Of Love – The Private Music Of Suzanne Ciani
20. Howard Shore Annie Lennox – Into the West.- The Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King

kjazz uk beaming  music around the planet

kjazz uk thought of the week


“Happiness and sadness run parallel to each other. When one takes a rest, the other one tends to take up the slack.” ~Hazelmarie Elliott

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kjazz uk feedback

Refreshed periodically here are some selected musician feedback & requests…

On Jeff Gaeth & Gino Goss ~ … Forgotten Reef enjoying that and well jeez……… anything called shake your boom=boom lmao 😛 that a given :) – USA
Sonido ~I would be so happy if you could play more of Sonido music. First of all I like it so much and it’s a pleasure to hear. I’ve been looking for that specific sound for so long and no I’ve found it… I think that what they are doing is great – these guys are really talented and I’m following any live shows they offer carefully, wish there could be more of those coming out soon. I listen to your station regularly and it would really make me (and a great deal of my freinds) very happy to hear more of Sonido played. Many thanks and keep on your great music rolling – E. Harel – USA
Marilyn Berglas ~ “I want to draw your attention to Jazz artist Marilyn Berglas, and I wish to cast my vote for her!!! So please enter my name, Trish XXXXXX, as having voted for Marilyn Berglas!!! I have only recently become aware of her music, and I’m ADDICTED to it!!!!! Her emotional, soulful piano combined with the other GORGEOUS instrumentation sends my spirit soaring!!!!! She’s awesome, and I’m SO fortunate to have been introduced to her SWEET, SWEET SOUND!!!!!” – Trish – USA
Marilyn Berglas ~ “Emailing from Sydney Australia I so enjoy the top ten and especially Love Marilyn Berglas ‘s track Like a Summer Samba Thank you” – Jenifer – Australia
Marilyn Berglas ~ Hi. I’m from South Africa and just love Marilyn Berglas and I VOTE I VOTE FOR ANYWHERE YOU ARE……by Marilyn Burglas. – George H. – South Africa

Refreshed periodically here is some selected feedback about KJAZZ Radio UK.

– My last single ” Happy & GoLucky”made it to #27 on American Mediabase Smooth Jazz Chart. I feel with out the promotion that you have provided it might not have reached that far. – Robert Lee Balderrama – The Robert Lee Revue
– I JUST HAVE TO SAY I LOVE IT…LOVE IT…LOVE IT. Just got tuned in about a week or so ago. Where have I been all this time? I’ve been telling all my friends. – Mary – USA
~ love your station. – H Wells – USA
~ and now I am loving your station!! XOXO – J Bagnerise – USA
~ the UK KJAZZ is a recent discovery and you have a good balance of music on the station. Keep it up. – Rob – UK
~ We have just found you. Great music love the sound. Derek & Wendy- UK
~ You’re awesome, thanks for all you do in supporting us Indies! – Bickley Rivera. KJAZZ UK Musician.
– First, I want to thank you for all you help supporting Sonido and supporting Smooth Jazz generally -Perfect Peach Music

kjazz uk feedback

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