Kerani @ KJAZZ Radio UKKJAZZ Radio UK offers a warm musical welcome to Kerani. Born in Belgium to a Hungarian father and German mother, Kerani currently lives in the south of The Netherlands near the Belgium border and the area where she grew up. “As a child I listened to the great classical composers like Mozart, Liszt, Schumann and many others.” Her family got an old piano when she was four. “I was strangely drawn to that weathered old thing. Slowly I taught myself to play and I discovered the magic of composing music. The rise of electronic music in the late Seventies and Eighties was a revelation to me — Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Electric Light Orchestra and Mike Oldfield. These new sounds boosted my inspiration. In 1986 I teamed up with a couple of studio musicians to record the instrumentals ‘Seagullsong’ and ‘Oblivion’ which I released as a single. It got regional airplay and the B-Side became a theme song on Radio 2 Flanders.”

She performed as the lead vocalist and keyboardist in the band Liaison in the city of Ternat playing the popular music of the time. Kerani moved to Italy for about three years where she taught English language courses (she speaks English, Dutch, French, Italian, Hungarian and German). She wrote and published a book of children’s stories called Cherub (“it tells the story of a little angel who helps children”), and also re-orchestrated 15 children’s songs for an instructional DVD for disabled children. Kerani composed the soundtrack for several documentary films commissioned by the Historical Society of the Roerstreek, and she also scored the documentaries “Antarctic Inspection” and “Rothera” made by the NWO (Dutch Institute for Scientific Research). In addition, Kerani has performed in concert with Terry Oldfield.

Kerani released her first album, Wings of Comfort, in 2011; The Journey in 2012; and Arctic Sunrise in 2014. All three recordings received positive reviews and strong airplay.

A decade ago Kerani began broadening her spiritual journey. “Without abandoning my Christian faith, over the years I have been expanding my spiritual horizon by reading books by Ute Kretzschmar, Drunvalo Melchizedek, James Redfield, Steve Rother, Deepak Chopra, H.H. the Dalai Lama and Paulo Coelho — to name just a few. When I began meditation, I felt I grasped the essence of spiritual life,” Kerani states.

Using her piano and synthesizers in conjunction with an array of orchestral instruments played by accomplished European musicians, Kerani creates musical storytelling that captures people, places, moments in history and passionate feelings. Occasionally she adds subtle vocalizations to further create a mood. With Equilibrium, her fourth album, she solidifies her position as one of the top keyboardists, composers and arrangers in the neo-classical and new age music genres. Her previous album, Arctic Sunrise, went to #2 on the international Zone Music Reporter Chart for this type of music, got airplay on hundreds of radio stations worldwide, was a Top 10 album on the annual ZMR rankings and won the ZMR Neo-Classical Album of the Year Award.

Karani’s Latest Album: Equilibrium

Kerani---Equilibrium---Cover“With Equilibrium, Kerani has created another masterpiece. I am profoundly impressed with Kerani’s musicality and creativity. Her skills as a composer, arranger, and instrumentalist are stellar. Her use of electronic keyboards to create orchestration is breathtaking – in fact, some of the best I’ve ever heard.” Michael Diamond, Music & Media Focus

“Although she has already released several albums, Equilibrium is finally the album that may just put this very talented lady on the musical map.” Robert S. Silvertein,

“Equilibrium is a highly inspired album. It is for sure of this year’s finest releases – from one of our favorite new artists. With a few more releases like this, Kerani might very well become our next New Age music superstar.” BT Fasmer,

“New age music that isn’t noodling and formless,… tasty, engaging stuff that proceeds with just the right touch.” Midwest Record

“Call it new age music or modern-classical music, but it has everything you could want – lovely melodies, some spacey sections, piano-synth augmented by some classical instruments, relaxing but interesting.” Buzz Music

“This is some of the finest new age instrumental music released this year. This new age music moves at its own pace, carefully weaving its silken threads together into a beautiful whole.” Magle Int’l Music Forums

“This is delicate music, textured, with depth and dimension,… . This is love, pasion, companionship, caring, nurturing, feeling, human music from the ages of ages.” Music Discussion Forum

“Equilibrium is an outstanding album, with exceptional music that is, as we have come to expect from Kerani, innovative, poignant, expressive, beautiful, inspired, and at times even magical”. Gaia Prime Radio

“The love, empathy, and understanding of feminine energy provides inspiration for this magnificent treasury.” Midwest Book Review

“Delicate and yet strong, each of the pieces creates the essential energy which is woman. Kerani has once again used her undoubted talent with keyboard and synthesizer, combined with orchestral arrangements to create magnificence in sound.” Blue Wolf Reviews, Australia

“El perfeccionamiento de Kerani en los últimos años ha sido exponencial. La calidad en la producción y la composición están a la altura de los más grandes compositores, ya sean del género New Age como de otros estilos instrumentales. Equilibrium es sin lugar a dudas, uno de los Mejores Álbumes del Año, al que damos la mayor de las puntuaciones.”  Alejandro Clavijo – Reviews New Age, Spain

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