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Welcome to ‘In Conversation’ with your host Paul Rumsey presenting a selection of interviews with the KJAZZ Radio UK musicians and some of the worlds interesting people.

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KJAZZ UK visits with interesting people

Andrew Coates MSSL.
Professor – Andrew Coates (MSSL, ESA, NASA) talks about the joint ESA & NASA – Rosetta Mission to land a spacecraft on a comet in 2014.  Recorded live at a remote (non-studio) location in June 2014. Length: 30 mins.

KJAZZ UK Celebrities

Deni Newton
Jamie Bonk

Ted Hasiuk

Bickley Rivera
Sam Hankins - KJAZZ Radio UK KJAZZ Radio UK - Denny Jiosa I
Jeff Oster
James Colah
Sam Hankins
Denny Jiosa
Roger Smith