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Rae Marnie @ KJAZZ Radio UKWith a style reminiscent of Melody Gardot, Diana Krall, Linda Rondstadt and Eva Cassidy KJAZZ Radio UK welcomes Rae Marnie.  Raes’ vocal talent was discovered by default. Working overseas her career at that time brought her into contact with professional entertainers. A highly experienced professional (who had worked in West End Theatre) heard Rae sing casually ‘Capella’ style when she was asked to help a professional Swedish singer phrase the song in English. Although Rae had not  previously  received any former, or formal, training she was immediately taken on to professionally sing solo (aswell as in duets) for large  audiences at a well known upscale nightclub in San Augustin, Gran Canaria, accompanied by a drummer & guitarist. Once recovered from initial stage fright  Rae’s performances continued during that Summer season both at the nightclub & with acoustic guitarist for guests at resort hotels. Since that ‘happy discovery’ Rae’s continued with her singing career & in last 7 years has  mainly performed solo.

Rae Marnie @ KJAZZ Radio UK
Rae occasionally works with a renowned jazz funk pianist & has, in the past sung in duets and accompanied Latin/Folk  acoustic guitarists. Rae was highly honoured to meet and perform with the revered Mr.Wayne Brown, who has collaborated,shared stage with great chart soul, funk, jazz artists such as, Billy Ocean Ruby Turner, Junior Giscombe & Kenny Thomas all of whom have had chart hits in the UK & some in Europe and USA, therefore Rae was honoured when Wayne picked up on her vocal tone & agreed to a collaboration.Wayne jammed for Rae some piano chords, a vocal melody was improvised quickly then lyrics were laid down. Wayne produced the song with an ‘Ibiza’ chilled out style that Rae had desired with the request “make it sound like ‘me’ and the sea”) … Rae was influenced by the ‘Maxwell’ vibe for ‘Pretty Please’. Rae to date, has produced two of her own songs ‘Nothing Matters But You’ and ‘Pretty Please’ both tracks have received great reviews from jazz, blues lounge fans.


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