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0earth & spirit Mix - This hosted show continues the Fresh Aire series of music for the mood. Recorded for playfm at the KJAZZ Radio UK studios the station known for great new Indie smooth jazz music and more.
Having gone to number 1 on Zone Radio’s Top 40 Charts, getting his track played on Play Boy TV daily and receiving airplay on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape, Jake Aldridge returns with ‘Fireman’ featuring Lisa Ambrose. Fusing RnB and hip-hop, Aldridge tells the captivating story of losing the person you love, a theme he is all too familiar with after losing his own father at the age of 11.
20620815_10211794207104644_6416158073632617645_nOn this edition of 'Airplay' we have 1.5 hours of commercial free relaxing smooth jazz grooves on this musical groove flight. We got some blues, jazz and dance in the mix plus some grooves from the 60's and of course there is Smooth Jazz.
BickleyOfficial video for "Groovin' In Rio" from the "Chillin' After Five" album. Bickley Rivera on vocals, steelpan and keyboards; Paul Messina on Flute; Greg Minnick on guitar; Nelson Rivera on bass; Paul Bozzi on percussion. Copyright Bickley Rivera. Published by Caribbean Xpress (BMI).
KJAZZ Radio UK On Air 24/7Produced for Playfm Austria this is the best Smooth Jazz and more in a 2hr mix. Relax to the perfect mix!
Viktor Lazlo's single Promised Land was released on 10/10/2016. New album coming in 2017!
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19990278_10211582644375708_7721606298341922767_nOn this edition of 'Airplay' there is new music from Hattler, Daniel Chia. Patrick Yandall provides a great rendition of the Chris. Cross song Sailing. If you like your salsa hot then the Latin music will get you sizzling for a summer salsa...
c0052259_2134398Our Roger Smith jams on the keys for his day job with Tower of Power.
18920614_10211239969609053_1663855828543563811_nOn this edition of 'Airplay' we welcome contemporary jazz/rock/blues guitarist Patrick Yandall to the KJAZZ family of musicians and feature 2 grooves in the show from his albums...
18582468_10211091505977555_312553948907702080_nOn this edition of 'Airplay' we turn back time to 1956 and the west coast California jazz scene, as we explore a band that featured Miles Davis in its lineup for a time, along with Miles Davis bassist Howard Rumsey who led The Lighthouse All-Stars, also shared the spotlight with the likes of Frank Rosolino, Conte Candoli, Bob Cooper, Sonny Clark and Stan Levey...
Smooth Jazz 3
Originally made for PlayFM, in this mix I take you on a spin through some of the great lounge songs that will get you singing and there is some great Smooth Jazz from Koz and more. A rare gem is Howard Rumsey and the Lighthouse Allstars who put in an appearance. Blended in are sensual beats from Enigma. Sit back with your favorite beverage and relax for an hour with some of the best and classic grooves.
17523125_10210731251051407_8235316532888203155_nOn this edition of 'Airplay' we turn back time to hear some great tracks from the past. There is new music from Frank Piombo a spotlight on Hattler, Tab Two and artists that have recently joined KJAZZ UK...
Hattler-Bandfoto-2-sq-300dpi-br-150x150In front of 20 000 in Wuhan, China. Complete concert: Hellmut Hattler (bass), Oli Rubow (drums), Torsten de Winkel (guitars). Live sound: Daniel Stämmler. Visuals & light: Pete Delgado. Filmed & edited by the Chinese crew. Final editing from the rough a/v material by Damian Léman.
sddefaultProduced for Playfm Austria this is Smooth Jazz in a 2hr mix.Playlist. Relax to the perfect mix!
17626470_10210657958779146_8482152225072829440_nWorld famous indie. Top 10 – This week congratulations to Wayne Wesley Johnson as "Summertime" holds on to #1 spot this week. New entries on the chart this week see Daniel Chia with "Cali Style" & Jake Aldridge feat. Lisa Ambrose on vocals and a track called "Fireman".
index"Wounded Warriors", from Denny Jiosa's 6th chart topping CD release, "Dreams Like This". This video is paying homage to our men and woman who have served and do serve our country! Video produced by ABC Emmy award winner, Jeff Davidson. Please embed this video and share the message! Music available at
sddefaultWelcome on board this edition of 'Airplay' we show two hours of commercial free relaxing indie musical grooves for you. There are great new grooves a plenty, including... Gino Goss, Chan Hall, Daniel Chia, Jeff Canady and Jake Aldridge. There is a bonus mix within the show 30 mins of uninterrupted grooves for your pleasure. We also have some great music from Wayne Wesley Johnson, James Colah and Larry R Campbell and a whole lot more. Frank Piombo fans will love the new groove "Rush Hour Funk" we have pulled out all the stops on this show so enjoy!
vignette1_1The official release of "Tension" from the album, Masochists & Martyrs (Muthastar Records, 2011)Masochists & Martyrs deemed "a creative masterpiece" by Blues&Soul.
sddefaultWorld famous indie. Top 10 – Your votes have produced a new #1 on the chart this week for Wayne Wesley Johnson (congratulations buddy) and his hit interpretation of the old classic "Summertime". New entries on the chart this week are from two wonderful KJAZZ musicians Yvonne J and Sharon Musgrave...
sddefaultWorld Famous Indie. Top 10 – This is the first week of combining email votes and the KJAZZ Radio UK Fan Page poll. If you are not a member why not join the fun and vote for your favorite musician? Here is the address So as a result of considering the poll and email votes, Hattler maintains the top spot for a 3rd week with "Sliding In Slomo" from their highly acclaimed CD "The Kite".
17523125_10210731251051407_8235316532888203155_nWelcome on board this edition of 'Airplay' we show just over two hours of relaxing indie musical grooves. This show is a bit off our normal format as Paul steps out of his captain role and well cuts to the chase and great smooth grooves. There is great grooves from new musicians and we dig into the KJAZZ Radio UK treasure chest of smooth to bring you some great grooves from yesteryear. So sit back, relax and enjoy!