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Free Musician PromotionKJAZZ Radio UK broadcast a primarily ‘Smooth Jazz’ format but we have the tag line Smooth Jazz & More. “More” means we also play music from the following genres R&B, Chill, Blues, New Age, Jazz and Ambient.

Want to submit your music to KJAZZ Radio UK and join the growing global family of musicians?

As KJAZZ Radio UK is a free service to musicians promoting only excellent great indie. music,  we are very particular about the musicians we add to our roster. We accept only a small percentage of the songs submitted to us. KJAZZ Radio UK encourages you to not take any rejections personally. Please use the contact page to register your interest in joining and include a link to your music so we can review and get in touch if we like what we hear. Who knows you might be invited to join. Genres were interested in hearing from artists, and record labels about: Smooth Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Ambient, Soul, Blues, New Age, Ambient, Instrumental, Easy Listening, R&B, Chillout Grooves.

Effectively KJAZZ Radio UK offers a free ‘Promotion for Music Exchange’. In return for the Musician supplying 1-3 mp3’s royalty free KJAZZ Radio UK will…

  • Promote your music for free through KJAZZ UK and social media. Put the song/s into its broadcast stream, promoting the musician when used. NO CHARGE
  • Add musician and song details to the KJAZZ Radio UK website including: NO CHARGE!
  • Provide a dedicated musicians page when (5 songs or more are accepted) and a listing on the ‘Musicians‘ section. (Your page could act as your web presence if you wish and we will update content when requested and supplied at NO CHARGE! Note as of 2016 at our discretion we will not be providing a web page for new musicians that have less than 5 songs accepted. However new for 2016 we will accept single song submissions and credit you when played and add you to relevant listings and make an external link to your site.  Then if you submit more music later that is accepted, once you reach 5 songs, KJAZZ UK will provide the content as described above.
  • Links to where your music can be purchased will be promoted and included. NO CHARGE!
  • For select artists and at our discretion we will also create a You Tube video using the song to further publicize you. NO CHARGE!

We are aware other sites charge for similar services. You will not be charged. Were not motivated by a quick buck at the musicians expense we do this because we love music. So what is the catch? Well we would request for those joining that they link to us on our website. 

All music must be original and no cover songs are currently (knowingly) accepted unless the musician has received permission granting KJAZZ Radio UK the right to play the song royalty free. If any dispute is raised that copyright has been infringed and it is proven, the musician or band will be deleted from KJAZZ Radio UK. Note:  Submitting unsolicited CD’s or MP3’s does not mean they will be listened to or receive promotion. Physical CD’s should be sent to… KJAZZ Radio UK, Marchant House, West Sussex, UK, RH13 9GH. Note: No music will be returned whether used or not.

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