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Latest KJAZZ Show

We have changed the title of the weekly KJAZZ show to 'KJAZZ Chillout Sunday Brunch'.  This better reflects the timing and mood of the show as it's the perfect accompaniment for an easy Sunday morning. 

This week on Sunday Brunch, KJAZZ Musicians feature with some disco & R&B in the mix for your chill-out Indie  Sunday.  Note that KJAZZ and ALT-X FM are now doing live broadcasts online, more on this later. 

  • Patrick Yandall - Funkin' for Jamaica
  • Chieli Minnucci - The Juice
  • Boz Scaggs - Lowdown
  • Shakatak - Night Birds
  • Denny Jiosa - You're Like Chocolate To Me
  • John Carey - Wine & Cheese Music
  • The James Colah Project - Better Days
  • Ian Raven - Sweet N Sour
  • Giorgio Moroder - (Nights In White Satin) Oh L'Amour
  • The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
  • Tingvall Trio - Spoksteg 
  • Rosemary Clooney - When October Goes
  • George Michael - Freedom 90 

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*Note we link to all artists we play both on KJAZZ and ALT-X FM, click the links to go to the shows and artists links to find out more about the musicians/bands we like and support.

Welcome to KJAZZ Radio UK & our new station ALT-X FM (see below). After a long time and with the support of MixxCloud were back.  KJAZZ is now doing limited live broadcasts as a new studio is in place and new equipment has just arrived.

To connect with KJAZZ musicians and shows please look for the word 'Gold', where you will find archived shows and links to the musicians that were part of KJAZZ. Since KJAZZ Radio UK formerly ceased functioning in 2016/17 today it's all about having fun while still playing music and continuing support for those indie artists that made KJAZZ what it was and any new artists that want to share their music with KJAZZ and you.  

The aim of this site is to:

1. Allow fans of KJAZZ Radio UK and musicians to reconnect. This is done here and on our Facebook page.

2. Host new shows both for KJAZZ and ALT - X FM and continue to support new indie musicians and what we call our family of musicians.

3. KJAZZ now through its shows promotes Jazz, Smooth Groove Jazz, R&B, Chill, Neo-Soul and World Music.

4. Listen up, do not close the page you are listening to this will stop the playback of the show you are listening to e.g. if you are listening to a show on this page and click another page on this site the show will stop playing. This is on our fix list to see if there is a solution. You can in the interim listen to the shows on MixxCloud, you will find links on the sidebar.

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KJAZZ 2022 Welcomes Indie Artist

Mario Bakuna is a London-based Brazilian composer, arranger, singer and guitar player, with twenty years of professional experience. A graduate of the Free University of Music in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he studied with musicians such as Olmir Stocker, Roberto Sion and Roberto Bomilcar (pianist who played with Frank Sinatra during his visit to Brazil). In Brasil, Mario Bakuna has played alongside the trombonist Itacir Bocato, guitarist Renato Consorte, and pianist Nelson Aires, just to name a few.

Listen for Mario Bakuna on future KJAZZ shows. 

Video Pick From This Weeks Show

KJAZZ Indie Video Channel

A growing list of KJAZZ indie artists video's for that perfect visual chill.

Check out our full selection of chilled-out videos at: https://www.kjazzradiouk.com/p/kjazz-videos.html

Smooth Jazz Mike
"Smooth Jazz Mike" is the guy behind Naga City's (Philippines) music program: QUIETSTORM, provides relaxing & stress-free music from Smooth Jazz, New Age, Chillout, Bossa Nova, to Ambient. Started in 2006 at RMN's WNX 91.1 FM & over the web in 2007-2013 at Quietstorm(dot)ph.

Sharing the Smooth Jazz Synergy from our friends over at Jazz Across The Pond.

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